Hello Fall!

Hello Fall!

Happy October! After some chilly days in September I'm so happy that we have had so many nice days to get out and enjoy the outdoors. October usually means the beginning of market season for me but this year is looking very different. I am hoping to attend a couple of the Urban Market events but there really doesn't look to be much else happening. Due to this I am considering doing a socially distant open house with a couple of other crafters/vendors. Would this be something that would interest you? If there is enough interest I will figure out the safest way to host this so we can all enjoy a fun afternoon together. 

     While trying to adapt to these changing times the topic of jewelry making classes has come up. Is there any interest in a class? And if so is there a certain project you would like to try your hand at? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

     Fall/Winter 2020 trends in jewelry. I tend to observe the trends but I try to stay true to my own style while incorporating some trendy bits here and there. That way you're not stuck with things you won't wear when that trend fades.

  • The runways have been full of classic jewelry worn in unexpected ways. Like pearl strands and chunky chain layered together. I love pearls and always have a couple designs on the go. Pearls and gold are very popular too.
  • Healing crystals and protective talismans are still going strong. I have created some delicate evil eye talisman necklaces with a touch of that Swarovski sparkle that I always love. 
  • Statement earrings are still around. I love a good statement earring but I don't like a heavy earring, light to medium weight is key for my own personal comfort. The nice part of a bold earring is that you can skip a necklace and often wear a basic top so those earrings can take center stage. 
  • I have a couple teeny purse pendants that I've been meaning to finish and I was very surprised to see that small bags as necklaces are on trend. While my design is much smaller and has more that vintage vibe the concept is similar. Stash away a tiny treasured keepsake and wear it close to your heart.
  • Chokers! I love a good choker. I've recently discovered silk velvet ribbons that make the most beautiful chokers. You simply tie and adjust to your comfort. You can add a pendant if you like and wear the ribbon longer or attach a small brooch and wear it at a choker length. I especially like that you can add a brooch and wear it in an updated, modern way.

     Thank you for for following along with me! I look forward to hearing your take on the trends I mentioned above and please let me know if you would be interested in a shopping event.